Strategic Policy Economics has been assessing the strategic issues facing Ontario's electricity sector for over 15 years. Projects led have included:

  • Assessed potential for purpose grown bio mass electricity generation in Ontario under evolving FIT regulations as Green Energy Act was pass
  • Developed business architecture and joint venture framework for distributed power in Ontario for two leading Ontario power and gas utilities
  • Supported internal operational audits at large energy company
  • Evaluated outsourcing and restructuring options for improving financial performance of a large Ontario utility

Marc was a featured presenter at the following Conferences:

    •   Council for Clean and Reliable Energy: Energy Leaders Roundtable, April 2017
    •   Ontario Network for Sustainable Energy Policy, April 2017
    •   Ontario Climate Consortium Symposium, May 2017



  • Developed detailed analysis for the federal government of the contribution of nuclear science and technology to Canada’s overall innovation capacity and competitiveness
  • Conducted global survey of energy research institutions governance and funding mechanisms. Study included primary research interviews with international research institutions and stakeholders
  • Supported the NRCan Medical Isotopes Panel on Canadian alternatives to mitigating supply risk
  • Developed a cost attribution model for a complex nuclear research laboratory that was welcomed by the OECD's NEA High Level Working group as the global gold standard in addressing cost equivalency challenges in the medical isotope sector
  • Developed economic and public/private framework for Internet gaming introduction in Ontario
  • Market Potential and Economic Benefits of introducing Enhanced Charitable Gaming Facilities in Ontario 
  • Bingo Technology & Revitalization Strategy Development for Ontario Charitable Gaming Industry on behalf of:
    • The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC)
    • Ontario Charitable Gaming Association (OCGA)
    • Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario (CGAO)
  • Charitable Gaming Sector Strategy Development for the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC)
  • Community Gaming Centre Vision, Strategy and Operating Model Development for British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) Reform of Bingo Facilities 

Marc was a featured presenter at the following Conferences:

  • Moderated CNA 2012 conference panel on Innovation



Working with multi-stakeholder initiatives for 20 years has brought success to many complex innovations

  • Advised Natural Resources Canada on 
    • AECL Nuclear Lab (NL) restructuring including relationships between AECL NL and Candu Energy 
    • Global Isotope supply security and implications to Canada
    • Nuclear operational implications for restructuring of the Canadian Nuclear Laboratory (CNL)
    • Financial approach and implications issues for restructuring of the Canadian Nuclear Laboratory (CNL)
  • Worked with the Canadian nuclear industry members to describe the nuclear science and technology ecosystem and its multi-stakeholder environment and inform the federal government and the industry members as to the value this ecosystem presents to Canada
  • Developed program for the OECD NEAs Global workshop on medical isotope scurry of supply held in Paris in 2009.  Involved interacting with and supporting the activities of several governments, industry representatives, and health organizations from over 10 countries
  • Conducted global surveys on isotope security of supply involving primary research interviews with international stakeholders
  • Led stakeholder consensus development among the province, crown lottery corporation, charity interests, commercial interests, and municipalities. Developed and facilitated workshops with the Charitable gaming industry in British Columbia define the vision and implementation for the Commercial Gaming Centres in BC
  • Developed and worked with stakeholders in Ontario's Charitable gaming sector including municipalities, the AGCO, OLG, private operators and charities to develop a comprehensive reform to charitable gaming to allow for the introduction of OLGs Bingo Revitalization Program
  • Bingo Revitalization Program Multi-Stakeholder Relationship and Financial Implementation Definition and Contract Negotiation for Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC)
  • Worked with educational institutions, handheld device manufacturer, telecom company, and textbook publishers to develop a strategy roadmap, pilot program business model, and pilot program partnership model for the introduction of handheld based learning in Canadian colleges.
  • Negotiated Canada’s technical contribution and risk management for its role in the International Space Station with NASA and its suppliers on behalf of Canada and its suppliers
  • Led collective bargaining process for a union in a private firm with public stakeholders