Clients & Collaborators


Strategic Policy Economics has provided business, strategic, and implementation advice to the following organizations:

Bruce Power
CANDU Owners Group
Canadian Nuclear Association
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Independent Electricity System Operator
McMaster University
Natural Resources Canada
Ontario Energy Board
Ontario's Nuclear Advantage
Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries
Plug 'n Drive
Power Stream
Power Workers' Union
Women in Nuclear Canada


Bucephalus Consulting
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
Council for Clean and Reliable Energy
Morson International
MZC Consulting
Plug 'n Drive
University Network of Nuclear Engineering
Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy

Strategic Policy Economics is a member of:

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries
Ontario Energy Association
  • Mr. Brouillette is the Chair of the Electricity Pricing Committee for OCNI.
  • Mr. Brouillette is the Special Advisor on Energy and Climate for the CME.