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We, at Strategic Policy Economics, are a team of business strategy consultants who advise prominent public and private sector stakeholders on meaningful ways to address climate change. We believe that considered strategic insight, deep data analysis and industry experience can help foster a better world.

We spend our time focusing on the big challenges – in climate, energy and science – and utilize strategic problem solving, evidence-based research, data analytics, technology and meaningful person interactions to help our clients make significant, consequential decisions that impact the world around us.

Our own expertise along with an engaged set of partners and clients in academia, government and private enterprises, allows us to catalyze insightful conversations and discoveries that set the stage for profound impact.

What We Do

  • Care deeply about our purpose
  • Push our thinking and challenge the status quo
  • Collaborate constantly, value teamwork and all contributions
  • Foster creative thinking
  • Incentivize employee growth
  • Promote openness and respect
  • Nourish a friendly and supportive environment
  • Fully support the importance of life outside the office

What We Don’t Do

  • Shy away from a challenge
  • Care about titles
  • Get caught up in red tape
  • Play politics


Strategic Policy Economics brings together a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants, analysts, and researchers, who collaborate to conduct research, provide consulting services, support client needs, and publish reports.

Marc Brouillette, Principal Consultant

Marc Brouillette is the principal consultant and founder of Strategic Policy Economics. He brings 18 years of Ontario energy sector business strategy experience including detailed analyses of the cost, emissions and supply mix implications of Ontario’s Long-Term Energy plans and climate strategies. Marc has been advising provincial and federal government ministries, agencies, and crown corporations for over 20 years on issues in the aerospace, energy, and gaming sectors. He specializes in matters that involve technology based public-private initiatives in policy driven regulated environments.

Marc has negotiated contract relationships involving domestic and/or international stakeholders working directly with both federal and provincial ministries, crown corporations and regulators, as well as with the private sector, municipalities, and non-profit organizations.

Marc has recently conducted several detailed analyses on Ontario’s electricity sector including the role of wind energy, hydro imports from Quebec, nuclear, transmission interties, and distributed energy with storage resources. He has written about the challenges and implications of Ontario’s cap and trade system and the implementation challenges, options, and costs of Ontario’s climate policies for emission reduction.

Prior to his career in strategy consulting, Marc helped develop and negotiate, on behalf of Canada, the international agreements defining Canada’s contribution to the International Space Station Program, how design reviews would be conducted, risk would be managed and how domestic suppliers to the  international space agencies would interact.

Marc holds a BASc in Systems Design Engineering from University of Waterloo and an honours MBA from the Schulich School of Business.


Scott Lawson, Business Analyst

Scott Lawson graduated from Dalhousie University with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Economics, with Distinction.  Scott has worked as a Business Analyst with Strategic Policy Economics since November 2015.  In his role, Scott has developed business cases for several opportunities in Ontario’s energy sector. Scott has created models testing the ability of wind and storage to supply Ontario’s demand, forecasted Ontario’s future electricity demand, designed a low-cost and low-carbon electricity system, and assessed the economic impacts of a carbon price in Ontario.


Marty Tzolov, Consultant

Marty Tzolov has been a Consultant with Strategic Policy Economics for over a year. His experience includes analyzing and researching various energy supply technologies, nuclear innovation, and industry-academia collaborations. Prior to his current role, Marty spent 3 years as a Field Service Engineer working in energy generation facilities and transmission stations across Ontario. He holds a MEng and BASc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto.