New Report – Towards a National Energy Vision – The Realm of the Possible for Canada: Hitting Above Its Weight to Reduce Global Emissions

This report shows that, unlike most other countries, Canada is blessed with substantial energy resources in the form of hydro, nuclear, biomass, natural gas, and oil. With these resources, Canada has the potential to hit above its weight in reducing global emissions through environmentally responsible development and export of these resources. Achieving this will require the effective and sustainable management of Canada’s energy resources for both domestic needs and export to others. Developing supporting transmission and distribution networks to export energy resources is also required. Progress has been hindered by the material environmental, economic, and social policy challenges that these developments face. There is an urgent need for Canada to embrace dialogue to create a National Energy Vision that can unlock the benefits to Canadians and combat global climate change. This study differs from other in three respects by: (1) providing an integrated compendium of Canadian energy assets and development projects, shining a light on the regional diversity of the initiatives; (2) identifying the contribution these assets can provide in achieving emission reduction objectives, both domestically and globally; and, (3) framing the challenges in developing these assets in the context of the complexities and interests of the myriad pan-Canadian stakeholders.